ZENU aka Lorenzo Zenucchini Born ( 1995, Arona ) and raised in Lago Maggiore, but currently living between Spain and Italy,

Graduated in Grafic Design first level at the Academy of Arts and New Technologies in Rome (AANT), and a bachelor’s degree a master’s degree in art direction Miami Ad School (Madrid) he has focused his career on communication and visual arts.

Zenu is a visual artist whose work is developed in the continuous investigation of different media and themes including abstract contrasted with a pop art line and Dadaism, action painting, materialising in the interpretation of contemporary cultural changes that often see him involved in various charity and solidarity initiatives.

Zenu’s research identifies art as a tool for perception and analysis of truth through a search for beauty, sometimes manifesting itself in his female portraits and body parts.

The subjects proposed are often inspired by cultural icons as a function of a multiple narrative of the reality that surrounds us. Exploiting the fluidity of realism, each work is redefined through the filter of contemporaneity.

Portrait, a recurring theme in his most famous works, is a metaphor for the contemporary to explore our timeless emotional states.

In 2021 he took his first steps into the world of abstract art, where his knowledge of the medium of color quickly positioned him among artists and publications with DeAgostini and Giunti.

A deeper adventure, discovering the interiority shared between the artist and the viewer and about to enter the NFT market with new project.